What is organic search?

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What is organic search?

Organic search results are listed within a search engine results page. It is how search engines get results that are most relevant to your searches by using SEO keywords. Keywords are also found in the search query of a user.

Organic search results are not paid, for instance the ads you see on the top of Google first page are not organic search results. As an example when I write out “Blogger app download” in Google search bar the results that are unpaid show the organic search results. Paid search are from site owners who have paid for a search engine to place their link at the top of search results.

Organic traffic is less than paid traffic because organic search receives less clicks. It is also calculated strictly through the algorithm. When you look at Google Analytics the source of traffic is organic and is what users find from unpaid results.

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By applying organic search marketing, you will improve your site’s ranking results with the use of SEO. The benefit is having your site on the front page of google when relevant information is searched.

Having good content will always get you a decent spot in Google ranking system. If you want to improve your Google search ranking you can follow these steps:

  • Learn about Google algorithm and understand how ranking works
  • Develop a backlink strategy
  • Always use content that is both unique and original
  • Make sure your site and content are mobile user friendly
  • Use relevant keywords for your topic have your content revolve around your keywords
  • You want to check your current ranking when you optimize your title and content you can improve upon your rankings
  • Having high quality images  
  • Using call to action words in your title will have the benefit of increasing your SEO strategy

Adding videos is another good idea and will increase your organic search traffic. Good content will always win, good content will also keep your audience attention much longer. Organic search will also ensure you target the correct audience due to how specific the intent is. You want to supply solutions for what they are searching for.

Content that is updated more frequently does better in the long run. The traffic you received from direct search results is much lower than organic. This is because direct is from users typing your URL in their browser. It can also be from a bookmark the user uses.

The traffic from direct also has no referring website. There is also referral traffic which can be defined as Google’s method of recording visits that are from outside of the search engine. Examples of referral include being brought up on review sites, commenting on social media, or another’s blog, making and publishing content such as infographs.

Facebook is known to be one of the most used social media sites to get referral traffic. You can also get both organic and referral traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is a photo-based search engine. To get Pinterest traffic you will have to know your audience, be sharing good quality photos and relevant links. It can also generate brand awareness so it is worth looking into.


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